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What are odds you''ll buy a car you test drive?

Ok guys you got me on the first question.but how about you what are chances you’ii buy when you test drive a new car.(thanks to those that did try to help).

I’d probably be comparing two or three vehicles, and test driving each before deciding, so the odds would be somewhere in the 33 - 50% range.

My experience tells me it’s not the test drive, but the salesperson’s ability to close, that makes the difference in most cases.

I would guess that it’s better than the odds if you don’t .

I think most people looking for a brand new car would only buy after the test drive if the vehicle had exactly what they wanted. Some people might settle for option C if it has A and B with it, and the price is right, others will tell the salesman they aren’t gonna compromise and want one ordered directly from the factory with only the options they want.
Used cars are different that if everything checks out real good, they’ll probably buy, or wait and see if the seller will take a lower price