What is causing the frequent brake failures on this 2007 Toyota Highlander?

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I own a 2007 Highlander that I LOVE. The youngsters mostly drive it now, but it only sees about 5K miles per year. We have other cars. The vehicle went about four years and 43K without needing brake work. Then it needed brakes every two years, And by brakes I mean the calipers freeze, the pads then grind down. I can feel the brakes dragging when it happens and the brake dust is apparent on the rims. I took it initially to a Toyota dealer. Then a Lexus dealer who used only OEM parts from Toyota, then a trusted local mechanic using aftermarket, then a new trusted mechanic using aftermarket. Here is a detailed list of the brake work. Any insights are welcome. ps - It eats wheel bearings too. I have owned many other cars during this time. None needed brakes or wheel bearings beyond the norm.
3-22 117K Front calipers rotors pads (This week) (Second replacement front calipers)
7-21 115K Rear brakes new rotors and pads
2-21 114K Parking brake cable
11-19 106K Parking brake cable
7-18 99K New rear rotors + new calipers (Second replacement rear calipers)
11-17 97K Rear brake pads rotors
6-16 85K Front rotors and calipers (First replacement front calipers)
2-14 73K Front rotors resurfaced
2-14 73K New rear calipers (First replacement rear calipers)
10-12 53K Front brake rotors resurfaced and new pads
3- 12 rear rotors and pads 46K
11- 2011 43K rear brakes rotors resurfaced new pads 43

2 thoughts… the master cylinder needs replacing as it is not allowing the brakes to fully release

Or the center brake hose over the rear axle is failing and not allowing the brakes to release. This assumes you have 3 brake hoses in the rear brakes. One center and one for each wheel.


Flex lines are often overlooked. I had 3 suvs with hose issues in last 5 yrs. but, I had a dozen suvs.

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