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2002 Toyota Highlander clicking brakes

My brakes are clicking and skipping like crazy. I thought it was the ABS system, but no code came up and it has progressively deteriorated. The brake feels squishy and need to be applied well in advance of a stop ignorer for them to really catch well. They have been checked by an expert and everything looks good, but something is really wrong. Any ideas?

Expert, I don’t think so . This is not safe for you or anyone around you . Find a real brake shop , this should not be hard to solve.


Thank you for such a quick response. I don’t feel quite so stupid now about being nervous while driving it!

I have a Highlander of that generation and the brakes have been a real maintenance PIA. I’ve had to replace all the calipers and the rears a couple times. Plus the parking brake assembly. However, when they are repaired, the Highlander has a good firm pedal and it stops very well. Yours has a problem and I suspect it may not be located at the wheels. Volvo’s right. You need a better shop.

Do NOT drive this. Get it towed to a competent mechanic.