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What is a "sticky lifter"? Could it be the noise I hear?

Just listened to the car noise feature on the site trying to figure out what the “tick,tick,tick” noise is that I hear in my 2000 Toyota Sienna minivan every time I start to apply the brakes. It’s like a loud clock ticking in pace with how slow the van is coming to a stop. Sounds somewhat like the “sticky lifter” sound on the site, but not sure. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?

It most likely has something to do with your brakes or wheels. I would take it to a good independent shop to have it analyzed before going any further.

Year, make, model, engine, and mileage of vehicle?
Maintenance history of vehicle?
Is the ticking in time with the wheels or the engine speed?

The engine has parts called “lifters” (or “tappets”) in the valvetrain that fill with oil as the valvetrain operates and take up the “play” between the cam lobes and the valvestems. Different designs place these in different spots in that “path”. If they become gummed up and don’t effectively fill with oil sufficient to maintain their function, they can allow excessive ticking to occur in that mechanical path. This condition is called a “sticky lifter”.

But you may have a brake problem rather than a sticky lifter. Witout a lot more information from you it’s impossible to guess.

Maybe all of my post didn’t get through? It’s a 2000 Toyota Sienna, mileage is around 100,00 and we service it regularly. Um, don’t know specific engine info - sorry. The ticking is in time with the wheels, I would say…as I slow down and apply the brakes, the ticking begins (no ticking occurs until I apply the brakes, I believe). Your question makes me think that I need to do a “test” to see if it ticks if I let the van just come to a rolling stop, w/o braking - haven’t tried that yet.

Sorry…you did mention the year, make and model. I’m breaking in a new pair of glasses.

If it’s in time with the wheels and initiated by applying the brakes, it’s definitely a brake problem. No need to do the rolling stop.

How may miles does this set of brkaes hav on them?