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What is a "Spyder"

Is there a difference between a “spyder” and a soft top convertible? Or different meanings between the different spellings of “spyder” and “spider”?

The spelling is usually up to the marketing department, but it generally refers to a two-seat convertible.

There are a few 4-seat convertibles, but I’ve never heard any of them referred to as either “spider” or “spyder.”

The Eclipse Spyder technically has 4 seats, though if you’re older than about 12 you’d have a tough time fitting.

“The term Spyder is a European term (Spider is used in Italy) for a two-seater convertible or targa (equivalent to “roadster” in American English) implying a more rugged ride and less space than in a sedan.”

“Spyder D (Duane Hughes) was a classic ‘old school’ rapper and producer from New York City who combined elements of jazz and funk in his live instrumental backing tracks.”*

My dad’s Fiat 124 was called a “spyder” (or spider, I’m not sure which), and also had a back seat…well, at least some tiny thing behind the front sest made like a back seat.

I tried looking in Wikipedia and this is what I got

I guess it’s basically just a European term for a small ragtop sportscar.

I always thought of a Targa as a coupe with a removable roof over the driver & passenger only (leaving the B-pillars and the rear window intact). Like the old Trans Am’s and 911’s.