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Plans for a New Fiat Spyder?

Now that Fiat and Chrysler are wed, has there been any consideration of bringing back the Fiat Spyder or comparable roadster? It was, even with many trips to Giorgio and Giovanni’s repair shop, THE most fun car I have ever owned!

Same here. I owned three – 1600, 1800 and 2000. Plus, my name’s Tony. One of the few little convertibles that you could carry a third person in the rear “seat.”

If they sold an newer version, it would probably start out at $30k, unfortunately. The Miata took off where the Fiat Spyder left off.


My dad had one. I spent plenty of happy hours tooling around in that car.

Personally, I hope someone comes up with a DelSol concept, an affordable roadster based on an inexpensive and reliable platform. VW did it many years ago too, but there are no cheap roadsters anymore.

The Fiat Spyder was a great car. If they can find the original tooling for the sheet metal and major components it could become a great “retro” car. The twin cam motor was efficient and even the body didn’t rust out as fast as other Fiats of the day.

A very solid car, that deserves another chance. Perhaps Fiat/Chrysler will give it a go. Without the Viper, this could be a good image maker for the new company.

I agree. It also had a quasi back seat, which I seem to recall my dad saying kept the insurance rate down.

Not likely. They want to sell cars that make a lot of money. Expect to see higher end cars like Alfa Romeos or Lancias in addition to the 500. How many BMW 1-series. MB A-series, or Audi A1s have you seen in the US? Besides, they don’t sell an equivalent car in Europe. Alfa Romeo has 2 Spyders, but they will be expensive.