What is a good offer for a yaris 2009/ 2010?

I would like to buy a Toyota yaris, 5dr, auto, hatchback with the power package-

has anyone bought one recently? how much did you have to pay - I have no clunker trade in -

right now I’m competing with buyers who have a qualifying CARS- clunker- dealership

are not much interested to do business with me - and I feel that I have not much bargaining power -

You have just as much bargaining power as anyone else. A sale is a sale, and right not they’ll take all the sales they can get. Just don’t expect to get a new car for nothing.

You’re not the only buyer who isn’t using the CARS program. There must be at least two or three others like you.

I was looking for a specific color, white, no one had this one on the lot, 5 dealerships in my area have not made any effort to find one or to check back with me. Another one out of state, but within reasonable driving distance, at least seems to understand customer service. I guess I will do business with them.

You are right that CARS is making these high mpg cars cost more, supply and demand. That’s what happens every time the government puts in a program like this (the tax credit for hybrids is another example) - prices rise, taking up some of the ‘free’ $$ Uncle Sam is throwing around.

Since many dealers are very short on their supply of smaller fuel efficient cars this isn’t a good time to be the buyer. If you can wait it out. The CFC program will end and when it does a lot of buyers will be out of the market, since they just got new cars. The market will swing back in your favor, but for now best to sit on the sidelines and let the feeding frenzy run its course.

Is the the true market value by edmunds.com the best price to offer or go by???

According to legend, the Yaris isn’t that good of a car, some say it pales in comparison to the majesty that is the 1993 Suzuki Swift. The Yaris has been discussed at great, great length here.

But seriously, you’re right without a clunker you’re not a very good position to bargain. I think the others are right, you may want until the program ends, so the playing field will be more level.

On a high demand car like this, any number you read is just a general guideline. Much more will depend on the supply and demand your particular dealer is seeing. 100 on the lot and 5 buyers? Let’s make a deal! 100 buyers and 5 cars? $1000 over sticker!

Why do Dealers prefer clunker customers? The Dealer must wait for the Gov. to pay the 3500 or 4500 and all the Dealer gets is 25% of scrap on a clunker (unless they don’t file the paperwork and keep the clunker and give the rebate out of their own pocket).

I see all people looking for high mpg cars affected but why would a Dealer want a clunker customer and not one that pays all up front?

With the clunker it’s a simpler process, there’s no negotiating with the trade in. It’s either $3500 or $4500. The dealer is also making a killing, he’s getting guaranteed money from the government. The average car buyer with a clunker isn’t likely to haggle as much since the value of the trade is already set in stone and the buyer knows he/she is already getting more than the clunker is worth (in most cases) anyway.

It’s a reasonable value in your zip code. Just don’t make the first offer. You can ask questions, make small talk, or even talk about the other cars that you are considering. If the dealers you visit don’t have white, maybe you can get a discout for taking the second best color. The idea is to let them know that you want a car, but that they have to sell you one of theirs.

BTW, you can get internet offers from dealers within, say, 50 miles of your home. You can get warranty work any dealer, not just the one you bought the car from.

Get the Corolla instead, they will bargain if you are paying by check and you can buy it today. Toyota dealers aren’t all nice to you when it comes to selling you a low profit car. If they have a lot of those little beaters on the lot they might be interested in lowering the price. If they only have two, they know that they will be sold soon.