What is a 'double fan' injector?


I read something on a toyota v8 engine, from ‘australiancar.reviews’ (which may not be 100% correct) about a ‘double-fan’ direct injector. Could somebody explain what double fan means? Supposedly the direct injectors have 2 rectangle slots where the fuel is injected from, is that what ‘double fan’ means?


Circle holes produce a cone, rectangular slots produce a fan spray.

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ok, thank you!

Does the double fan reference mean that there are two rectangular injectors? Where are they located in the combustion chamber and with respect to the spark plug?

No, there is only one injector per cylinder, but I think the double fan reference refers to the 2 rectangle injection slots on the injector

I meant injection into the cylinder, not how the gasoline is delivered to the cylinder; what you just wrote.

Direct injection engines usually require an in-engine mechanism such as swirl pots to increase air turbulence in the engine, but in the FSE port injection has been included to improve the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder.

This is achieved by a dual-fan spray pattern for the new Toyota injector which was designed specifically for this engine. This gives off a dual-fan spray pattern which is perpendicular to the piston travel with wide dispersion in the cylinder. This aids the air/fuel mixture, which provides improved power, efficiency and emissions.


I read that article, and I find the first few paragraphs to be moderately interesting

They refer to the 2GR-FE as “lesser-known” . . . but in fact it was extremely common, at least in the USA

The part where they talk about the typical problem areas is spot on

The horsepower figures don’t jive with we have here. Our numbers were a little lower. I suspect wherever the writers are . . . they show cars with rhd, so maybe australia . . . have slightly higher horsepower, due to less stringent emissions systems on the vehicles


Thanks for the article, It appears that this engine has both port fuel injection and direct injection. If I read correctly, the dual fan injection feature relates to the direct injector. If so, that means there are effectively three injectors. It seems like that would provide more complete fuel mixing.

That was typical Toyota for a few years

I’m not sure if any other manufacturers went that route

Perhaps some of the other regulars can answer that?

I for one think it was . . . on paper, at least . . . a rather ingenious solution


I agree. It offered the fuel economy/power advantages of direct injection and the valve cleaning capabilities of port injection.

Is the ‘new Toyota injector’ line referring to the direct or port injector? I would assume its talking about the direct injector, as the port injector is, according to the website I found, a twelve hole injector.

The second paragraph quoted above speaks to the dual fan in the combustion chamber.

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