Part identification

Hi. Can anyone identify this part? It is for an 87 cavalier rs 2.0. Thanks.


That’s the throttle body with the fuel injector mounted on top.



Thank you so much. I thought of that but one fuel injector? I never thought that was possible.

Transitional from carburetor to throttle body to full injection system.


That technique was pretty common in the late 80’s, early 90’s, called “throttle body injection”. There’s a mechanic’s joke about one of the version’s name, “cross fire injection”, instead should be called “cease-fire injection” … lol … Throttle body injection is not used much these days. Modern cars use either “port injection”, where there’s an injector for each cylinder, injecting into the intake area; or “direct injection”, again an injector for each cylinder, but injecting into the combustion chamber.

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That was a very common design in the mid-1980’s to mid-1990’s. The single-point fuel injection provides excellent performance and fuel economy compared to a carburetor, and cost a lot less to implement than multiport fuel injection. The Dodge Spirit/Plymouth Acclaim and Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance were very common cars, which used this type of fuel system.

Our ‘95 Suburban had it, ran great throughout an Anchorage winter, way better than a carb.