What is a 4spd auto

i have heard of 4spd which is a manual and i have obviously heard of an auto but i was lookin online to buy a car and i keep seeing 4spd autos. i can only drive an automatic. so can someone pleaz tell me what is a 4spd auto so i know what im lookin at.

It’s an auto transmission with 4 forward ‘speeds’ or gears. Generally, as far as car ads go, I think it’s standard practice to just say ‘auto’ for an auto transmission, and just say the number of gears for manuals. Probably because people who drive autos generally don’t know or care how many forward speeds there are… I imagine a good portion of the motoring public wouldn’t even have a clue what a forward gear/speed is. But rest assured, if it says auto anywhere, it’s an automatic transmission.

They might be saying 4spd auto to separate it from a 3 spd. Better MPG

There are automatic transmissions with three, four, five, six, and even seven speeds, or gears. I think there might even be an 8-speed automatic out there somewhere. It just tells you how many gears are in the transmission, just like a manual. There are three, four, five, and six-speed manual transmissions, too.

The fourth gear is tyically an overdrive for the highway.

Yeah, Lexus and/or Mercedes has available an 8-speed auto.