What is a 1992 Honda worth?

I just bought a Honda Fit and need to sell my 1992 Honda Civic. This car is a remarkable vehicle. It has over 260,000 miles and is still running well with the factory clutch. I found the sticker and saw that it is rated 38 in town and 43 on the highway. How much should I ask for it? It has a few dings and very little rust. I thought that that since gas is out of control, that this little car may be worth more than a couple of hundred dollars. Any opinions?

If you car is running well it is worth at $1000-$1500 given the Honda nameplate and demand for fuel efficient beaters these days.

People get stupid with the Honda nameplate and tend to overpay used.

Please note that the EPA fuel economy rating system has changed a couple or three times since 1992, so its current ratings are significantly lower than 38/43. The factory clutch is actually somewhat of a liability at this mileage, although it does indicate that the car was driven gently. Point that out to anyone who complains that the clutch could go any minute.

List it at $2000 and see what happens.

Check out nadaguides.com, kbb.com and edmunds.com, to see the range of used car prices, based on condition of the car. Set your prices after evaluating the info there.