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What happens if one burns TWO-STROKE fuel in their vehicle?

Friend does not want to waste 2-stroke lawn mower gasoline.

Thank you.

The only problem that could possibly occur, is if it’s real old and the gas and ethanol created the problem. Otherwise, it’s a totally mute point. Two stroke oil is made to disperse evenly in gas. In a 50 to 1 mixture, added to say a half a tank of gas, it is diluted even more. Heck I would consider, and have, added two stroke oil to gas of a 4 stroke I was putting into storage. As long as it isn’t older then normal summer use, breath easy and dump it in.

There is a lot of other advertised crapola that I would fear more.

pouring a gallon of 2 stroke fuel in the fuel tank of a car and then filling the tank with the correct fuel has never caused any problems for me and I have been doing that for many years. When I had an outboard it was not unusual to have several gallons of fuel left in the fall and adding it 1 gallon more or less at each fill up for weeks never caused a problem in the vehicles that I owned. Consider it upper cylinder lubricant that many people pay extra for.

What happens if one burns TWO-STROKE fuel in their vehicle?

The engine runs

I must ask if you use too much of it per tank, will it not tend to clog the catalytic convertor?

Most times you wouldn’t have enough of the stuff on hand to cause ANY problems. It gets kind of expensive if you buy premixed fuel so I might bet that even Consumer Reports wouldn’t experiment with it.

If you add a little (a gallon or so) to a nearly full tank, it may even have some benefit in acting as an upper cylinder lube. If you add a lot to a nearly empty tank, I’d worry about putting strain on the catalytic converter and causing carbon buildup, and possibly contaminating the vehicle’s oxygen sensors.

If it’s a nearly new vehicle, why risk it for a few bucks worth of gas? Put a little Sta-bil or other product in the gas and use it next year. I’ve been working my way down the same 5 gallon can of gas in my mower for over 2 years. (I originally bought some extra gas for a generator when it looked like we might have a bad ice storm here)

There are many cars, Toyota for one, that stipulate motor oil usage is normal. If burning a little regular lubricating oil doesn’t hurt the converter, two stroke motor oil certainly won’t. Besides, modern tw-3 two stoke oil is designed to be ashless and leave no residue after combustion. Like I said before, I would trust it more then Marvel and all that other crapola sold to drain money from your wallet.

As others have said, cars burn a little oil anyway. The typical limit for ‘ok’ oil use (only according to the manufacturers) is 1 qt/1000 miles. If you get, say, 250 miles per tank, that’s a cup per tank. So that amount should be ok, assuming the car uses a lot less than 1 qt oil per 1000 miles.

Call it “Top Oil” and enjoy the benefit…

The amount of oil in the average two stroke gallon of gas into a half tank of gas in the car is not an issue for the engine or its cat or sensors.