What happens if I put diesel in my 2019 Honda Pilot?

What happens if you put diesel fuel in your car by mistake

Please say you did not do this to a new vehicle ? If you did do not try and start it . Have it towed to a shop so the tank can be drained and the fuel lines cleared .

Diesel fuel in gas vehicle equals expensive engine damage most of the time.


I don’t think I did. I got gas I selected unleaded and I didn’t hit diesel. I went back up to the gas station where I got the gas and retraced my steps . Right after I was driving home the emissions warning came on along with the engine light.

Then if this is a 2019 take it to the dealer because if any light is on you have a warranty.
Selected Unleaded - that is what most stations have because very few have straight gas and do you know what octane your vehicle should have ?