What happened to the Car-O-Scope?

I wanted to check it out, but I can’t find it on cartalk’s site…anyone remember that?

That’s a new one one me. I’m familiar with oscilloscopes of all variety analog and digital, I can even explain how a cathode ray tube works, but the Car-O-Scope is a new one on me. I’m gonna have to look that one up.

  • mountainbike

The “Car-O-Scope” was an entertainment feature on the Car Talk web site. You answered some questions, the personality test kind of questions, and it would list a bunch of cars that were most “compatible” with you. The answers were based, I think, on survey data of Car Talk web page visitors who took the survey. The name was supposed to evoke Horoscope, not oscilloscope.

I had not noticed it was gone, but it does indeed seem to be.

The funniest part was when they posted the nasty e-mails from all the zipper-heads that didn’t like the response they got.

Oh…no wonder I didn’t know what it was. Sounds like a Bore Scope!

  • mountainbike