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What happened to Rudolf Diesel?

I have vague recollections of having read about this mystery many years ago, but this article fills in some blanks for me.


Are you perhaps not buying the suicide theory?

If so, why not?

Many people have committed suicide, due to dire financial circumstances, including some very intelligent individuals, such as Diesel

I was thinking the business folks that wanted him out of the way until it got to the bag of money and note given to his wife.

I found this quote from the article odd, given that peanut oil is a vegetable oil:

…engines that could run on anything from vegetable oil to peanut oil.

I have no particular feelings one way or the other.
Something other than suicide?

I just thought that the article was interesting.

At this point of time, what difference does it make? Accident? Suicide? Foul play? It happened so long ago that even if it was foul play, the perpetrators are likely already in their graves by now.

All we know is that Rudolf Diesel mysteriously disappeared on a trip across the English Channel. Whether he committed suicide or was pushed overboard we will never know.

I agree that it was an interesting article

The story about his wife is hearsay. Why are you inclined to believe gossip?