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What happened to my tire?

I was stuck in mud, when I got out everything seemed fine until a weird noise started coming from my back left tire. I don’t know what happened.

What kind of vehicle?


It looks like something sharp was down in the mud and gouged that long strip right out of the sidewall.



Agee with Yosemite, spinning the tire against a sharp object, such as a rock in the mud, could do this.

What if it’s front wheel drive vehicle?


Or the inner edge of the tire was badly worn with steel protruding and spinning the tires ripped everything loose on that side.

It’s a Nissan Armada 2007

Yeah no fun. Mine came to a complete stop in the mud then I backed a little and it managed to pull me out and avoided a tow at the compost site. Just got all the mud cleaned off yesterday. I agree, could have been a rock or glass or stick or something but either way who knows but need to have a tire guy take a look.