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i was recently stuck in the snow and i tried to get out but couldnt . i was i pressed gas but the wheels just spined until my front tires were in mud i attempted many times but nothing worked . so i called my dad and he got me out when i got on the hwy about 50+ mph my car started to vibrated really bad . i dont know what to do my friend told me the mud could throwing my balance off but i washed the wheels and still the same problem

More than likely, there is still some snow or mud caught in the areas of the wheels that you were not able to reach with the wash water.

Incidentally, next time don’t spin your tires. That does not do anything good for either the tires or the transmission. Hopefully you did not do any permanent damage–this time. Just don’t do it again.

whats the worst that can happen?

Ummm…nothing worse than a burned out transmission or a tire that explodes.