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What do you think of the redesigned all-new 2012 Toyota Camry?

Nekkid shots can be found here:

And, also here:

Most of the comments are panning it as ‘boring’ but these people tend to be ‘enthusiast’ and they’ve always hated hated hated the Camry.

On this forum, I think we get more representative sample.

So, what do you think of the look?

I like it very much. I like the sharper lines. It looks positively Lexus like. It’s much better than current Camry which is bulbous and rather ugly.

If Toyota can deliver on the promise of a much better interior (current Camry interior is atrocious,) better handling, and better fuel economy (current Camry trails all other mid-size sedans except for Nissan Altima in EPA MPG) then the Camry should not only remain the best selling sedan but also pull much further ahead of the other cars in the class.

Camry, a front drive passenger hauler. It really doesn’t matter what they do to it…yawn. It still has the innards of a competent but boring car. Boring is good. It keeps at least half of it’s customers coming back. Besides, if you don’t get the 6 and the sudden acceleration problems return, you may not even notice.

I cannot identify the make of most late model sedans, SUVs, vans or pickups. They all seem to be off the same drawing board.

I’ve never been excited by the “all new” anything. And if it had to do with cars and I was at all interested in being excited by some new model year design I wouldn’t go looking at a Camry. Its basic transportation. So I’m not sure why anyone at those blog sites would be expecting anything head turning.

New Camry Looks ? I Dont’ Know What The Old One Looks Like. There Are No Asian Car Dealers (Weak Dealer Networks) In Our Neck Of The Woods.


It looks better than the current generation; more like a 2005 Honda Accord. Since I drive a 2005 Accord, that’s a compliment.

But really, Toyota is the new GM. Their management seems to have mandated that their designs offend as few people as possible. That was a recipe for disaster for GM. The first 12 years of the new Chevy Malibu show what happens when rational managers design a car. It’s a good thing that GM let the design team work on it first, and then fit the guts inside.

I get sleepy just looking at it

Does it come in beige?

It looks like a blend of Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota and VANILLA BORING. It seems most cars designed by one guy stuck in his ways.

But…people will like it since it’s an import. There’s an awful lot of sheeple out there who blindly accept or reject items based on import/domestic no matter what the product is.

I think it is better looking than either a 1958 Ford or 1958 Edsel.

I like the style…but it’s NOTHING to get excited about…If you want to go my style alone…the cars of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s IMHO are impossible to beat.

Hey, Triedaq, I LIKED the 1958 Edsel… “an Oldsmobile sucking a lemon” but 20 years ahead of its time. As for the 1958 Ford… the 1957 was better. The 2012 Camry? Snooooozzzzz. (And I buy foreign exclusively.)


Camry was originally a small, affordable, fun car. My '91 Camry was. It then grew to a midsized boring familymobile. The new liness are a bit classier than recent designs, but it’s still “Americanized”. Too boring for me. Perhaps when I get old…

Perhaps when I get old


just kidding MB

No problem, my friend.

"Hey, Triedaq, I LIKED the 1958 Edsel…"
I will grant you that the 1958 Edsel was different. I was in my senior year of high school in 1958-59 and even then I thought most of the new 1958 models looked worse than previous models. The 1958 Ford is a good example of going backward. I read in “Collectible Automobile” in an interview with a stylist that the 1958 Ford was styled by a committee. Each person on the commitee wanted his particular feature. The 1958 Chevrolet was not as good looking as the 1957 and I found the 1959 Chevrolet to be hideous. I thought that the best looking 1959 car was the 1959 Ford. It had a certain integrity of design. One 1958 car that I liked was the Studebaker Scotsman. There was no chrome, but the style made sense. However, my favorite car of this period was the Studebaker Hawk.
I will admit that style is a matter of taste. My present vehicles are a 2011 Toyota Sienna and a 2003 Toyota 4Runner. These vehicles hardly have an award winning style.

I agree the whole thing is kind of boring. Longing for the designers of the 50’s and 60’s that really came up with new design ideas every year. My favorites were the 57 and 61 Ford, 59 Chevy and Olds. Don’t 'spose I’ll ever be able to afford one of those again.

My favorites from American designers (I love the Brit ragtops first and foremost) include the 1970 Camaro, the '76 Caddy Eldo Barritz, Any old Caddy with the huge fins and acres of chrome, and my old '64 Fairlane. The '70 Camaro, the last one before the extended rubber bumpers, was one of the best looking designs ever. The most beautiful car ever designed was the E-type roadster. Enzo Ferrarri himself called the E-type “the most beautiful car ever made” and I agree.