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What do you think about this Timing belt - OEM?



I called him up - he tells me that mostly these are from OEM manuf.

Timing belt is made by Bando (made in Germany by a Jap company)


Why not just buy a Dayco or Gates belt locally? If there’s a problem, it’s easier to return it.

People are saying Honda is strong.
The shop I mentioned says their parts are pretty much OEM - so I am wondering what to do?

Agree; Honda timing belts are strong. Volkswagen timing belts, made in Germany, have a poor reputation , and often not even lasting the 60,000 miles change interval. As others say, Gates has a good reputation, and supply belts for all manner of cars, including Honda. I would not hesitate to buy a Gates belt.

Other than agreeing that you just buy local, as in Dayco, Gates, or Goodyear, where does this poor reputation for VW timing belts come from?
I worked for VW for quite a few years and never saw a prematurely broken timing belt although I agree that it’s possible and has happened. The same could be said for the timing belt that broke in a Honda Civic (4 years old, 59k miles) some good friends of mine purchased.
Not only were they stranded in the utter boondocks, they had to leave their car with a small Ford dealer (only repair shop within 60 miles) who had to order in the parts to repair major cylinder head damage.

A bit of cut and paste below:

The genuine OEM VW Passat timing belt that was installed on your VW was manufactured by Gates or ContiTech.

This is what my situation:

In 1996 the timing belt was done at Dealership - it has done 73k miles since then - its the second car and does about 2k/yr lately.

I am novice - so getting a friend to do it - he is an expert but not on this car.

People are saying Hoinda is strong - others say Honda Water pump fits well than alternatives.

So I want the process to go smooth as possible with no disappointment even after install.

Under these circumstances, should I be safe to get this kit?

Japanese company!

I’ve done installs on countless cars and never had a problem with any belt or kit ever used. (even used a couple of Bando kits with no problem)

The bigger issue now is that since this belt was changed in '96 this means 13 years ago. You’ve been on borrowed time for the last 7 or 8 years.

As to the Bando kit, I don’t see a problem with it at all and the price is fine.
You should keep in mind that water pumps, just like belts and a thousand other parts, are not made by the car makers.
Those Honda water pumps are more than likely made by an outside contractor who also manufactures pumps for many other car makers.

Often the same part you buy at a local auto parts store is made by the same company that provides them to the factory when the cars are built. They’re just packaged under another name.


I went to the Acura dealership
The service manager told me that water pump for the VTec integra looks similar to regular integra - one guy put after mkt Water pump and it was overheating.

THe issue for me is that I am dealing with unknown on a time (and complex task) consuming effort. Honda part makes me safe.

The bigger issue now is that since this belt was changed in '96 this means 13 years ago. You’ve been on borrowed time for the last 7 or 8 years.

I went and checked the manual - I have the big Service manual too.
No where I can see change it every 60k miles or 90k miles or whatever - this is a 87 Integra - so what is the correct time to change it?

On my 99 Integra, it clearly states in the small handbook to change every 7yrs or 105k.

My '86 Accord is like this too-- no factory recommended change inteval. What the heck were they thinking?!

You definitely do need to do it regularly. On my Accord I think the Gates guide had a recommended change interval of 70k. It’s here: