What do you guys think about the new Subaru Lineup?

We can all agree that Subaru is the most reliable brand. But what do you guys think about their 2019 lineup?

Subaru isn’t even in the top 10 on my list of reliable cars.

No we can’t . And what anyone thinks about the 2019 lineup is the people buying them.

Nope, no we can’t agree on that and I don’t think about Subaru’s lineup at all.

I might buy our leased civic and had a Camry before. Friend has a newer legacy which I like. Awd is nice but not a huge deciding factor. I would not really consider buying any Subaru.

I will not agree with that at all.

Over-priced. Over-rated. Over-hyped. It’s sort of like the Apple of cars, to it’s fan boy type customer base.


Search on “Subaru” on this web site. You’ll find LOTS of problems. Before the major engine redesign they suffered chronic head gasket failures. Now they have oil use problems.

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Subaru makes the best all wheel drive cars in the industry but engine oil consumption is worst than average.

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I will respectfully disagree… Audi makes the best AWD cars, IMHO.

Speak for yourself

I think having both the Forester and Outback is a bit redundant

I think the H6 from the Outback should be offered on the Ascent, maybe update it with DI to keep up with the competition’s 6 cylinder offerings.

I would like to see to see a factory turbo BRZ, a smaller dual-scroll turbocharger would go a long way in solving the BRZ’s biggest weakness; it’s lack of low and mid-range torque, a bump up to around 230-240 HP and 240-260 ft/lb of torque would help real-world driveability.

The WRX Sti needs a new modern engine, the EJ257 has been around for 15 years now with fairly minimal changes, a four cylinder that gets less than 20 MPG (even with 310 HP) isn’t particularly impressive anymore. My V8 Mustang has 140 more HP, twice the displacement, and still manages to get a few MPG better.

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I did experience a battery problem but I got that fixed.