Subaru reliability

Are all Subaru’s reliable.

I doubt there is much reliability statistics on 2019 vehicle of any make.

No, nor are all Hondas, all Toyotas, all Mazdas, all Nissans, all Fords, all GM products…

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I guess you need to define reliable in your context.

I follow Forester and Outback forums (Forester owner) and I have not seen head gasket issues since 2010. 2014-2018 Foresters have extended transmission warranty along with all other siblings but I have not heard anyone’s blown transmission on either of those 2 forums.
Oil burning, half to a quart per 6 months is normal with all Subarus. Mine takes abt 1/3 qt to 1/2 qt per oil change (per 6 months).

2019 onward are on a new platform so it will be something to be seen.

Any other issue that you are referring to?

I only recommend Subarus to technically knowledgeable or competent people, since the maintenance has to scrupulously adhered to.

One of my wife’s friends bought a Forester and had no end of problems since she ignored the maintenance schedules.

In the hands of a conscientious owner most Subarus are reliable.

Since you aske a very general question, this is a very general answer.


I like this question for a lot of reasons. It invites debate for one. DennisHendersonJr, do you mean all current new models, or all current and past model years of all Subaru models? This story might be of help to you if you are considering past Subaru models. With regards to third party rankings for various reliability measurements, Subaru has mixed results. For 2018, Consumer Reports ranks Subaru sixth overall and climbing. By contrast, J.D. Power ranks Subaru near the bottom in its most recent Vehicle Dependability Study. Both are based on actual owner surveys. (I drive a Subaru Forester and have had three prior Subarus just FYI, so if I am biased, it is based on my ownership experience)

For reliability data on 2010 to 2107 cars, and predicted reliability for newer ones, the April 2018 Consumer Reports is a worthy source. With rare exceptions most Subaru models have scored overall average or better reliability during that time frame.

We have a Forester (2007), and when we bought it (2009), folks thought Subaru had solved their cylinder head problem. Well, if you look at the latest CR, the oldest years listed have poor marks in engine reliability. They did a complete engine redesign in 2011 which should have solved the head gasket issue, but now there’s an oil consumption problem cropping up on some. Other that that long-standing engine-related cloud, I really like them.

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To me, a Subaru is no better or no worse than anything else out there.

I think that sometimes they get praised a bit much and quite often unnecessarily vilified at other times.

People who live in snowy areas or near the mountains all like their Subarus. For them it is usually not a reliability choice as an applicability choice. In Vermont and other NE states Subarus sell well.

If I lived in Texas or Southern California Subaru’s qualities would not mean a lot to me.