What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid 240,000+ miles on it that now has a busted transmission and power steering. It is also almost due for a new Hybrid battery. All these repairs come to a 7k-8k minimum. Probably more like 10k when all is said and done. Cant afford it and probably not the best course of action anyway.

Heres the question: With nowhere to put it other than my street and the need to make it non-operational by the end of August, whats the best course of action?
I’d love to make a buck off it but would it be worth the hassle? Would there be a hassle? Donate it?
I am, clearly, uninformed about such things. Hence, you all. Whatchya think?

I would Google metal recyclers, battery recycle, and auto salvage. Then call them and see which one will give you the most (if anything) for your car. Check with your DMV about what documentation is needed.

Had a bud, left a note signed title on the seat free! No takes,

Hassel might be an understatement . Purebred has the best path even if it is just taken away . Parking on the street and it does not move could get you a ticket . And you would have to keep insurance on it even though it is not drivable. If it was towed by the city you would have fines and storage charges and still have the same problem.

Shouldn’t heading read ( What to do with an unfixable vehicle ? ).

Some metal recyclers will not take a hybrid car with the battery attached or buy hybrid batteries. That’s the case for most. Something to be aware of.

Not sure what our policy will be once hybrid cars are the norm, if they ever are. Also not sure where to offload a hybrid battery pack. As I understand it, disposal as waste is expensive. You’d think there’d be some value to them for someone. But I don’t know. At any rate, most metal recyclers only take lead acid batteries.

There was an article in Motor Trend I think on the high likelihood of getting your car towed and confiscated in Chicago. Never to be seen again. They make money selling them. Just don’t file a false police and insurance report. If a car disappears and the fees are not paid, the car gets sold or scrapped. Someone else’s problem. Problem is you are still liable if someone does something stupid with it so just sell it for whatever you can or trade it.

Did you notice a decrease in gas mileage over time? If not, why do you think you need a new hybrid battery? The hybrid battery is built from a lot of small cells. Some of these cells could be replaced to get the battery back to an acceptable level if you have seen a small change in fuel economy. If none, you don’t need to do anything. That still leaves the transmission and power steering, and with 240,000 miles, they alone might be reason to get rid of it. You can either try to sell it or you can donate it.

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Put him in the guard house? Feed him black coffee?

yup . . .

donate to your local npr-affiliated radio station

There might be some Naval vets in the audience that would find this offensive. Not me but there might be some.

As far as donating it—if they take it, at least you are rid of it. But unless you itemize your taxes you will get nothing. Even itemizing doubtful if you will see much return for your donation.

On a vehicle like this I would rather see someone take what they could get from a salvage and donate the money . Same result and less trouble if they itemize .

It’s not really about the write-off . . . it’s about getting rid of it legally and easily

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As a drunken Airman, they took be back to the barracks and took turns watching me while I slept it off.

Another idea, post it on craigslist in the used cars for sale area, ID all the problems, the buyer can decide if they want to repair it, or as a parts car. For pricing, use their sifting function to see what other similar cars are being offered at. Ebay is another option. For the least hassle method, the local auto salvage yard or donating to npr. If you have a high school or college in the area that offers auto repair classes, no harm done to give them the chance to take it off your hands. They may be interested in acquiring used hybrid parts for the students to take apart and figure how they work, good learning experience.

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Sorry to respond to what to do with a drunken sailor, take him to the the bar with marines, then let him talk smak and get the sh kicked out of him. Go down fighting! Wake up in the brig, oh the days.

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My advice would be to either try to sell as a parts car OR check your local Craigslist listings. Sometimes people are looking for scrap vehicles and are willing to pay cheap. I got rid of one of ours for $100. Came with his own flat bed and everything. Good luck!

As for the drunken sailor… one more round! :slight_smile:


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It’s a sea shanty, @bing. The first response to the question is to put him in the guardhouse. The sailors working on ships sang it

earl-eye in the morning.

More of the song.

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I was never in the Navy but my cousin was. So I don’t know what they do on ships to pass the time. All I know is my mother would never allow a tattoo so the Navy was out.

I am probably by myself but I really don’t like the header of this thread . I find it in poor taste and has nothing to do with the subject.