What do I do with my 07 Tacoma



It ran off twice in 07. Dealer and corporate said it was the mats. I had looked and knew the second time that was not possible. They did not care to study the electronics further than the dealers abilities. Since then it has happened to a lessor extent a number of times. Other than that “little” problem I love the truck. Lately, the problem seems to happen more when I have recently used the 4x capability. How could I sell or even give away an unsafe vehicle?


Why aren’t you taking it in for the recall service? The floor mat thing is really old and everyone knows now that this isn’t it - the “fix” (I guess) for the throttle thing is supposed to be there.

Oh, and if you want to “give” it away, I’ll take it! (Though I suppose you probably have maybe people you know in mind - an enemy perhaps?)


I took it in after the last “happening” 4 weeks ago. They could find nothing. There is a mix up on what is being recalled also. The 'News Service" article in the papers list my year and model as being recalled. The official Toyota help line does not!


What does the dealer say about this now? Their attitude may have changed quite a bit since 2007.


three words, class action suit.


A lot has changed in the last four weeks. Bring it in with a copy of the article in the paper, advise them that you’ll be notifying the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and Toyota USA of their refusal to fix it, and they’ll treat you like royalty. Demand also a loaner while they fix yours.

Post back with your results. I think you’ll find that their attitude has changed.


This is your authoritative source for recall information. Follow the directions and see if your 2007 Tacoma is included in any recalls. If it ain’t there, it ain’t recalled. Yet. BTW, I encourage you to submit a complaint to NHTSA concerning your unintended acceleration issue. Click on the second link for that.




Spoke with manager of dealership where I purchased the vehicle (Tony at Burnsville Toyota) less than 4 weeks ago. He told me that Toyota and the Feds had researched everything extensively and there was no problem with my model. He also said they had not seen a problem with my model. I guess my problem didn’t count. I told him I was and had taken notes on the whole thing and had sent them to the victim’s attorneys in San Diego including names, position and specific entities. He questioned if I was threatening him. I responded that I was just telling him what I had done.


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Not 4 weeks ago, now. A lot has happened in the last few weeks to change the attitude of Toyota towards unintended acceleration problems.


Toyotas have a problem with the accelerators that use fly-by-wire technology. If your vehicle is not equipped with an accelerator cable then you have one of the flawed systems. I would replace the pedal position sensor even if the money comes out of your own pocket. Trade the beast as soon as you get it fixed. Don’t expect to get top money because the problem is world wide and everyone knows (or should know) about it now.


I agree with same mountain…have you asked for an extended vehicle swap to have them drive it over time ? I don’t know how good your dealer is, but I’ve been able to do this in the past.


If I read your name correctly, you live in Minnesota. How can an attorney in California help you? I would not only consider your actions a threat, but an idle one. Check the links I offered below to see if your truck is involved in a recall. If not, use the second link to file a complaint. The dealer’s actions in this matter are controlled by Toyota. Don’t shoot the messenger.


They did keep it and drove it for a week in 07 but nothing occurred. I don’t think they drove it in 4x or used all possible combinations of the electronics. Since 07 the only times I get a severe lurch is after I have been using the 4x.


AFTER ALL THESE POSTS, Wise Guy says, “Since 07 the only times I get a severe lurch is after I have been using the 4x”!! Does this change anythihg or what?!!


By severe lurch I mean running away with me. The last case of a non critical “lurch” was the 2nd Saturday of January. I was leaving a parking ramp. The circular exit ramp was icy. I switched to 4x with my foot off the accelerator and the truck lurched forward. My foot quickly applied on the brake and the luck of being at a ramp opening avoided my hitting the side of the ramp. 2/12/10 with the temperature of 18 degrees F. about a mile from home n a main street with a speed limit of 50 MPH the truck continued to accelerate for a few seconds after I removed my foot from the accelerator and pressed on the brake. These were the last two times. Neither were life threatening to myself or others so I did count them as severe. I took my truck in to a dealership after 2/12 and they could find nothing wrong. I haven’t used my cruise control since 2007 in fear that it might have something to do with it all!! “Does this change anything or what?!!”


Did you contact the NHTSA yet? They need to know about these issues and may be in a position to help now that Toyota is on the hot seat.


Finished my letter to them this afternoon. I will reread it once again and then send it.


Your vehicle problem is listed on the National Highway Safety web site that an earlier poster gave you. I clicked on it and went through the steps of entering the year, make & model and a recall for unintended acceleration. Go there and print out the information and take it to the dealer.


I’ll buy it!