What did you replace your beloved PT Cruiser with?

I have a 2006 PT Cruiser Gt Turbo (non-convertible) that I LOVE. I bought it over 8 years ago with very low miles, and it has about 130k on it now.

I know that the car, sadly, will not last forever. Also, we’ve been debating for a while about buying another vehicle, with more room in the back for an adult and 2 car seats.

I am curious as to what people who owned and loved their Cruiser switched to when the Cruiser was no more.

Cruiser likes:

  • great visibility / can see over hood (although I’m tall, in many cars I feel ‘down’ inside the car)
  • good size (except for squeezing adult in back with car seats)
  • styling is non cookie-cutter; ‘understated’
  • Comfortable seats & ride
  • Uncluttered, straightforward instrument panel
  • Seats can be folded in numerous ways for cargo options
  • Good value - Was only $10K in 2002, with under 25k miles

Replacement wants

  • Good value ($15k or less) for used with lower mileage
  • Understated but non-cookie cutter styling (ie: minivans scare me)
  • possibly third row seating (or wider car?)
  • comfortable and great visibility

Nissan juke might be a possibility, we ended up with a RAV4

Take a look at the Kia Soul and see if it interests you.


Then you need to take the car seats with you when you look at vehicles. Car comfort and everything else about one is subject to a persons individual taste.


I agree with what @VOLVO_V70 said, but it’s so important that I’ll repeat it. Do not shop for a car without the car seats. Bring them and put them in anything you are interested in. You can not judge how they will fit until you actually put them in. And, if you are considering another infant, put a seat in facing the rear. In some cars no one can sit in the seat in front of a car seat facing back.

Only Mazda has made a smaller mini-van in the recent past, the Mazda5. Ford makes a thing called the Transit Connect, usually a utility van, with seats and windows. The newer ones are pretty big, but the older ones were a smaller size and might be just the ticket.

If you face down your fear of minivans and try one, it may impress you. The sliding side doors and convenient loading height are in a category of their own for ease of use. Today’s minivans may be bigger and longer than you want, however. Enjoy the hunt! There are so many choices out there.

If you are a cheapstake like me,you keep your current car until the wheels fall off.
Seriously, a sport utility vehicule is probably what you need.Toyota Rav4,Honda CRV, Hyundai Tuscon etc are pretty good choices

Car seats can be big, so if you want two plus an adult you might have to get three rows. If not, I think the Kia Soul is a good choice.

Transit connect is a delivery vehicle.

IMG_0764Sounds more like you want something like a Flex. But you don’t get much for $15 grand now days.

…sometimes used to deliver people;

Not sure what the OP means by ( mini vans scare me ). I have said this before we know a family with a Honda Odyssey and there are not many vehicles that offer space and ease of use better that it does.

Do they still make the HHR?

Several friends have PT Cruisers and love them. One is having a new (remanned?) engine put in her aging PTC after 260,000 miles rather than replace the vehicle.

Those I know who have PTCs all say they like the high rear roofline which provides good driver visibility, ease of cargo area access, and increased cargo area.

The two current model new vehicles I’ve heard compared favorably to a PTC are Mazda 3 compact hatchback and Mazda CX-5 small SUV.

Edited: to correct earlier typo incorrectly saying the Mazda 6 is a small SUV.

I think you mean the Mazda CX-5, right?

In addition to the Kia Soul (same boxy style, practical), the Scion xB was similar. Too bad it’s not being made anymore. Neither is the Chevy HHR.

Texases thank you for the correction. You are correct, I meant the Mazda CX-5. Will edit my comment. Thanks!

I was thinking of the early Focus based models, guess I’m behind the times!

MY 2011 was the last year. It was a Cobalt wagon.