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What did I just break while replacing my Alternator?

I tried to save some money by replacing my own alternator. Long story short, I broke something that has two very small red wires coming out of the alternator and looks like it goes into the engine. The car still started and seemed to run fine. Just wondering what I broke and I should probably get it fixed. I attached a photo, I hope it shows up. Thank you for any help!!

So, the piece that the plug attaches to broke off the cylindrical casting to the right of it?

Yes that’s it. Thank you for the reply!!

Do the two red wires definitely come from the alternator? Are you getting 14+ volts at the battery with the engine running?

I just checked and I am getting 13.94 volts at the battery. Thanks!!

That is the camshaft timing oil control solenoid.

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Uh oh, that sounds expensive. Thank you for the reply.

Not too bad if this is it:

Ahh yes that looks like it should be the correct part. Ugh, another DIY gone wrong. Thank you very much for the help. I appreciate it!!

DIYs gone wrong is how you learn to do DIYs right. There’s probably no one here that hasn’t busted something accidentally during a repair. :wink:


Nobody never breaks something by accident. It’s part of being human.

To the OP: welcome to the world of real life. :rofl: