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1991 toyota celica gt 2.2L 5spd

alright guys got stumped im 18 (dont hate) i been working on cars and learning cars the past 8 years my sister has a 1991 toyota celica GT ITS 5spd with the 2.2L in it wich is the 2200 twin cam and all that but heres why im here last week her altinater went out i replaced it and got the correct belt tension good volts going everything but now when she is going down the road doesnt matter what gear anywhere from 1800-2800 rpms her car jerks like its missing i checked the plugs and they are white wich means its starving for fuel but when its cold its no problem drives perfect i was thinking replacing new plugs new wire distributer cap and fuel filter and seeing if that solves it but i dont wanna have her spend that money i lf that aint gonna solve it i dont really drive yotas im more nissan and chevy and some vw so please help its her daily to work and back let me know guys

Did the car run good before the alternater was replaced? If so check all the electrical connections that were loosened during repair.

If the problem was there prior to the alternater replacement check the fuel pressure.

I could probably answer your question but I can’t even begin to decipher your post with such a long sentence. Break it up into sentences and repost.

the problem wasnt there befor the replacement of the altinator and we only loosned one bost on the altinator and i made sure it was tight the other is a clip in i was thinking the fuel rail or injectors clogged

I think punctuation is optional when posting from an i-phone, @missileman. I kinda felt GR8ful that all the words were spld out. Don’t be such a luddite.

I’m not a luddite and I’m not an Apple fan boy either. I own a Windows phone and it posts just fine with complete punctuation and correctly spelled words. I will gladly answer a post but not when the question is such a chore. Pardon me now while I go see if I can get my eyes back into focus after trying to read the garbled mess that was supposed to be a post.

exactly lol im smart enough to turn auto correct and all that stuff off but thats not what this discussion is for got some yota probs guys

did you mess with the timing?

" I own a Windows phone and it posts just fine with complete punctuation and correctly spelled words."

I also have a Windows-based phone, and I am astounded by the problems with frequent bizarre word substitutions on Apple I-phones, as opposed to the texts on my phone which almost always seem to turn out correctly from my dictation.

I have even tried saying some pretty obscure words, in an effort to trick it, but the phone’s vocabulary seems to be…encyclopedic in size.

But, to return to the question at hand, all I can suggest is that the OP double-check for wires and vacuum lines that might have been inadvertently disconnected.

no we did not mess with the timing just the altinator replacment. im not an apple fan boy either, i traded my mother my galexy S3 for it because her eyes couldnt see the small screen on this. I made a sacrifice for a family member, somthing i do rather often to help make my family members lifes easier. Thats one of the smaller reasons i got into cars and stuff so i could do the work on family members cars instead of them taking it to a garage or shop where they charge you out the ass for the repairs. I dont usualy turn to online help because people like you go completly off the topic at hand. I mainly call my friends who have gone to college and got degrees in engine repair and high performance motor repairs and builds. This time im not because they are stumpe to and if im not stumped they try saying its somthing els when im absolutly positive its something.

and @missileman‌ i think you mean you CANT even begin… talk trash about iphones and my grammar and you cant even get that word spelled right…

people like us? are we green? evil? saintly? come on man. it s admirable that you are trying to help your family. but that s just as off topic, by your standards. thanks for the periods tho.

my advice for the topic at hand is to go back and re check everything you did. sometimes we miss things or get in a hurry, especially when we are young. I mean everything too. it could be something pinched or loose or pulled off by accident. check everything around the area you worked. maybe a vacuum line cracked or something. chances are its something like that , since it did not exist before your work. maybe get another set of eyes to look too

dewwater96 I am confident missleman meant to use CAN’T. CAN’T is a contraction of CANNOT. Contractions require one of these ’ in the appropriate position. It is known as an apostrophe. I find it amusing that an individual who is unable to correctly spell alternator feels qualified to question someone who although using the wrong word at least spelled the word “can” exactly right. Yoo so funny!

OH NO! Another 12 year old with a laptop in his mothers basement.

Is the check engine light on? Misfiring only after warm-up can either be a bad temperature sensor, or the injector control system (MAF, MAP, O2 sensor, etc.) that comes in for “closed loop” operation. Double check all wiring connections you can see.

You need to check the area where you were working to replace the alternator.
You may have pinched a vacuum line while installing the new alternator.
You may have knocked a wire or vacuum hose off and not realized it.
You may have unplugged a wire or hose to get it out of your way, but don’t remember now.
You could also have pressed against a dried out vacuum line and it cracked.

Sometimes these can be hard to find. You just have to follow each wire and hose to be sure there is no loose ends. Look close you’ll find it.


@dewwater96 it’s can’t. I see you are still having problems with punctuation even when you do catch a mistake. I’m glad I’m not you is all that I can say. I hope you can fix whatever vehicle it is that you are working on though. There is hope for you because a broken watch is right twice a day.

The comments above are very good. Try those first. Here’s another. I have an early 90’s Corolla. On that car at least (4 banger 4afe engine, transverse mounted) there’s a connector for a ground wire that you have to disconnect sometimes to get the needed work access. It’s in the area of the alternator/belt. It connects to a chassis ground on the passenger side fender as I recall. Maybe you disconnected that and forgot to re-connect. A missing or loose ground could cause a symptom like this.

As mentioned above, usually the first thing a pro mechanic would do w/a complaint like this – assuming a quick visual inspection looking for loose/broken electrical connectors or problems with vacuum hoses didn’t turn up anything – is query the cars ECM to see what diagnostic trouble codes might be present. Just b/c the check engine light isn’t on, that doesn’t mean there are no codes. On a 91 you can probably do this with out the need to purchase a diagnostic code reading tool. Likely you can tell the ECM to read out the codes by blinking them on the check engine light. How this is done varies from car to car and model year to model year. On my Corolla I turn the key to “on” but don’t start the engine, then I have to insert a jumper wire between two points in the “diagnostic-check” connector. At that point whatever codes are present will blink out on the check engine light on the dashboard.

If you’ve never done this before, you’ll have to do some research to find out how exactly it is done with your car.

Edit: One other thing, its possible the alternator you installed is bad. Ask your mechanic to check the voltage output during the conditions when the symptom occurs. If the voltage is ok, it could be that the alternator is still the problem, and that it is outputting noise spikes along with the DC. Bad or misaligned brushes, dirty connecting surfaces on the rotor, etc can cause this. If the battery is charged the car probably will still run with the alternator disconnected. For a while at least. So that might be a way to isolate whether the alternator is the problem or not.

“VOLVO V70 OH NO! Another 12 year old with a laptop in his mothers basement.” My 12 year old Granddaughter is much better at reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, and grammar than I will ever be.

I was leaving it up to the much more qualified than I master mechanics, engineers, and instructors with actual degrees and decades of experience to take offense with dewwater 96’s college educated friends with “degrees” from a prestigious non-accredited “university” in engine repair and high performance tuning being more qualified than any of you. Being your usual softies you keep trying to help the idiot that needs to take his problems to a well qualified mechanic. Of course this will not happen as in his feeble mind he is more qualified than any professional and even his “college” educated friends. I recommend the plug be pulled.