What could this be that fell off the car?

So yesterday we had a brake job done, front and back, rotors and pads. Also an oil change. Today a part fell off and our front right tire went flat. The traction light came on and the car pulled to the right.

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What exactly happened? Were you driving, got flat tire, pulled over to the side of the road and then noticed that part had fallen off? Are you sure it fell off your car? If so, what part of the car did it seem to have fallen from? Near the flat tire wheel, or from the engine compartment. It looks to me like some kind of pulley.

I’m not sure but it looks like something important.


That is the clutch plate from the air conditioning compressor, the compressor seized and the shaft broke off, the compressor is no good.

Are you sure this part is from your car and not road debris from another vehicle? Check to see if the A/C is working in your car.

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definitely part of a pulley from the engine. did you hear a loud squeal or other noise before this part came off?

The traction light came on due to the flat.

Good call, Nevada.

Since there was clearly collateral damage, you’ll need to have the front end checked out thoroughly.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. Really, I was. That wouldn’t relate to a flat tire though and pulling unless you ran over it and it threw the alignment off.

I recognize it now. I have only owned 5 vehicles equipped with A/C and never worked on it.

Some times two things can happen at once and be completely unrelated.