Acura Ledged alternator belt drive wheel pulley



I just had the alternator belt break on my 1991 Acura Ledged on the way to work.

I had a local mechanic (use him before and got good work done) replace it.

2 weeks later and about 6 car starts ( I ride my bicycle to work in the summer) the alternator belt drive wheel fell off (engine side) . It seems to be just stuck on the ?hub? which has a rubber lining on it.

Could the mechanic have done anything to loosen this drive wheel when replacing belt?

If I can put it on my self do I use an adhesive or just push it on and hope that it says on??


Hopefully, the mechanic noted the odometer mileage of the car when he replaced the belt. If the mileage since then is minimal (and it sounds like it is), then an alternator pulley falling off is pretty obviously the fault of the person who installed the belt.

If were you, I would ask him to take care of the repair at his expense since it occurred so soon after he worked on it. If he refuses, then I suggest that you not patronize his shop in the future as a result of poor workmanship and poor customer service.


Not necessarily. The belt failure could have been the result of a seized, or failing bearing on the alternator. When the new belt was installed it then could have spun the pulley on the shaft and fallen off.

When you take it back ask him to check the alternator to make sure it spins freely.


Sorry I was not clear in my original posting.
The pulley which drives (from the engine) the alternator belt fell off, not the pulley on the alternator.


It sounds like you are talking about the crankshaft pulley. If that is correct the pulley may have been loose when the belt fell off the first time and the mechanic didn’t catch it when he replaced the belt. An easy thing to do. The bolt that keeps that on is put on with a lot of torque and normally isn’t a problem. When a new belt is installed the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the belt tensioning pulley which is different. If the crankshaft pulley is loose then there may be some damage to the slot on it. You may need to replace it with a new one. There is nothing else you can do to it. The pulley must be on securely and be rigid so no wobble can take place.