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What car should I buy to replace bad boy Sportwagen TDI?

It looks like I will be getting rid of my 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI when the VW Settlement is final. But I don’t know what car to get next. Any suggestions?

I love the Sportwagen TDI because:
2. It’s a station wagon so I can put bicycles, mulch, vacation gear, kayak paddles inside with the back seats down.
2. It is low enough to put my kayak on the top by myself
3. I enjoy a smaller car. I had a 2001 Forester but now they are too tall and big for me.
4. I loved the deisel mileage before I knew I was polluting.


A 2016 Golf Sportwagen TDI.

Why would you get rid of it?

Because VW is going to by it back for a lot of cash, since it’s pollution debacle. If appears the cash amount will be about 60% of value of a new car. So why wouldn’t I.

I might get a Golf Sportwagen, but certainly not another diesel. I was looking for something that is not a VW. I’m annoyed at their cheat and don’t know that I want to,buy another car from them.

You get some of that cash whether VW buys it back or not, you know.

It’s hard to come up with an exact replacement. One reason it was so good as far as mpgs and performance was the cheat code.

If you must replace the TDI, look into the Sportwagen TSI. While fuel will cost more, maintenance is les expensive on gasoline vehicles than diesel vehicles. I suggest another Sportwagen since you like this one so much.

If you are open to keeping the Sportwagen TDI, wait until others have accepted the settlement and kept the diesel. There will be reviews of how successful the repair are, and that will help you decide what to do.

This another vote for waiting until after reports of the “fix” come in. I doubt if the fix makes such a large difference in fuel consumption to not keep a vehicle that meets your needs and you happen to like.