What car is as fun as the Jetta?

I love driving my 2002 Jetta, but it’s gotta go. It’s like a cheatin’ husband–never there, always in the shop. After failed ignition coils, check engine lights, and busted windows, the transmission has died at 52,000 miles. What’s as zippy and fun to drive that won’t break the bank?

Find a mechanic that knows what they are doing and understands VW’s.

These days there are LOTS of cars that are as “fun” to drive as a Jetta, and more reliable.

Have fun car shopping.

It really depends on your budget. I would suggest the Mazda 3 with the larger 2.3L motor.

My 2007 Nissan Sentra SER is a blast. I haven’t enjoyed driving this much since I got go-cart as a child. Take a test drive on a coutry road.

Nissan Altima Coupe

Go and test drive a Mini or the Mini S. The last time I drove one it was a blast.

I absolutely love driving my Scion tC. And it’s cheap too!

Subaru Impreza WRX. Actually, it will be a lot more fun than the Jetta. Try not to get too many tickets.

Of the suggestions so far I would say the Mazda 3 is the most Jetta-like. Not dissing the others, just saying it reminds me of the Jetta more than the others, if that’s important to the OP. I also think it’s a good car.

Ditto! Your old Jetta will seem like your father’s Oldsmobile after you drive a WRX.

Mazda may have done a better job of duplicating German handling than the others. I drove a Mazda Protege a few years ago and was quite impressed. The Mazda 3 replaced the Protege. For a front driver, it does quite well.

I will have to agree. I own a 2004 WRX Wagon. They are very reliable.

However they are the next realm up from “zippy”. However that being said look at 2006+ if your considering automatic(rare).

If you do get a subaru, their AWD system is pretty picky, so you’ll most likely have to buy 4 new tires if you have ONE go bad.