What car fits my wish list?

I know exactly what features I want in a car, but can’t seem to find a model that includes them. I currently own a 1997 Saab 9000 hatchback and it was nearly perfect for me when I bought it at 110k miles. 155k later, I am ready to replace it. The wish list: ample cargo space 25 to 30 cu ft without putting the back seat down, prob in a hatch or wagon style. A sport style suspension ( yes I mean that! Love the feel of the Saab). Gas milage 25 hwy or better. Tight turning radius. Solid heavy feel - no tin cans for me! A reasonable to better amount of fancy stuff…heated seats and mirrors, CD changer, 2 person climate control, etc. Fancy electronics not so important except for music…don’t need GPS or roadside asst. Standard shift is a plus(six speed cool!), but Tom and Ray have (almost) convinced me that on a newer model it doesn’t make as much difference as it used too. I have been looking at various Volvo and Audi models (dont really trust Saab anymore, since they have changed hands so many times!) but everything with sport suspension has no cargo space and vice versa. I won’t get thru the winter with a fading starter, and I have decided I am done putting more $ into my old beast. Looking for prob a model from early 2000s so I can afford it…$7-10k. Once I know what model works, I can start searching!

2007 Mazda3 hatchback
2007 Mazda6 hatchback
2007 VW GTI hatchback

If you really liked the SAAB, why not on continue your frequent relationship with your mechanic and get a Volvo c70 hatch ?

If you really need the hatchback, you’re in trouble, not much in the way of mid-sized cars out there with hatches. Avoid $10k Audis, they can be money pits. How about a Jetta Sportwagon?

The GTI is too small. The Mazda 6 has possibilities. And I was looking at an XC70…,my theory is always if the car is paid for in 3yrs, then I drive it for 5 more, even 2 or 3 repairs a yr is cheaper than a car pmt. I just looked at an Audi a6 avant, which is in near mint condition, but maybe a bit too big.

Really, SAABs, Audis, VWs and Volvos have not faired as well with CR which Gives quite reliable repair info. I suggest you expand your search and buy a CR buyers guide for recomended cars in your price range.

If you’re happy with the SAAB then why not find another one; say a later model, one-owner, with low miles?

For what it’s worth and in regards to your comment about changing hands, you should be aware that SAAB has had a relationship with GM since the late 70s. The only thing that changed over the years was the percentage of ownership.

What about a 2005 Jetta GLS TDI wagon?

Listen to jtsanders. Mazda is your best bet. FAR superior and less expensive than anything Euro.

You might look at a Subaru Impreza/Legacy. But if you see any with mismatched tires on it, don’t give it another look.