What Car do I sell?

Because I have lived in a rural islolated community and need to get to work I have owned two cars mitubisi montero 94 200,000 miles and a suburu 94 loyale wagon. 182,00. Both have been great. but I am moving to the city to finish school and want to actually eventally sell both and start over with a fresh used car until I graduate. I still need a car to drive until I find a new one. Should I hang onto the Suburu or the Montero. I love the Montero,and it runs better but I am afraid that at 200,000 miles I should sell it before its too late. Any advise?

I don’t see much difference between 182,000 miles and 200,000 miles. You probably won’t get moe than a few hundred bucks for either of them. Maybe you should keep both if the insurance is not too high. Contact your insurer and tell them what you want to do. If you declare one as the commuter and the other as occasional use, it might not cost too much. At this age and mileage you should probably drop collision coverage if you still have it. And you will certainly have a larger market in the city that where you are now. You could sell both of them at your new home. There is a ready-made market at your university for both cars. Which one is in better shape?

There is certainly a major difference in the fuel economy of those two vehicles. Considering the high odometer mileage of the less-reliable Mitsubishi and its poor gas mileage, I think that the decision is rather obvious, but I may have different values than you do.

The difference in miles is nothing. Go with what you like.

You answered your own question…you love the Montero and it runs better. Temporarily.