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What can I expect to pay to have fuel pump/filter assembly replaced?

The vehicle is a 2001 Dodge Durango with a 4.7L V8. I am almost out of phone minutes so I can’t call around. --Thanks.

Unfortunately you will have to call around to get the best price. Otherwise,the amount you will be ripped off will make buying an extra hour of cell phone time trivial by comparison if you don’t.

If your vehicle has some kind of pass-through in the floor over the fuel tank, it will be much cheaper than if the tank has to be pulled. Not sure if yours does or not.

Why do you think this needs to be replaced?

Prices are widely variable by brand and model. A fuel pump for a '98 Volvo V70XC wagon cost me close to $900 and was only available from a Volvo dealer.

I told that by an expert on YouTube. I let it sit out all winter without gas–nothing to do with the vehicle. I have been cranking it every day and a couple of times it fired just enough to make it turn over faster so I believe it to be the fuel system. The battery is hot and there are no restrictions in the breather assembly.
Also, twice I definitely could smell gas and I only crank it for a few seconds like if I were going to drive it and pump it only a few times.

Try a shot of starting fluid…You can check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail…

If you can smell gas, it sounds more like it’s being flooded and not getting any spark. I’d check for fuel pressure and the presence of spark before going through the ordeal of replacing the fuel pump on a whim or the advice of some ‘expert’ on Youtube.

Plus, pumping the gas on a fuel-injected car does nothing whatsoever except possibly confuse the engine management system and make it harder to start. Try holding the gas to the floor and cranking it for a good 10 seconds or so to see if it starts. If it’s flooding, this will tell the computer to not inject any gas. (counter intuitive as it may seem)