What are your thoughts on EV Charging Entitlement Syndrome?

Tell your friend that his car will not need to be at full charge (80%) all the time, so he can leave it in a spot for days on end and then charge for 20-30 minutes when he is going to use it, or when he is done using it. Here is a map of Tesla chargers near him, one of which has 20 spots and another has 16.

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The problem is that Teslas use a different electrical connector than most other makes, and he is not likely to spend the money for a Tesla. In any event, he uses his car only one day per week, on the day when the mechanical street sweeper comes through and everyone has to move his/her car.

He uses that 4 hour window of opportunity to do all of his shopping for the week, and if he has 5 minutes left over, he fills his gas tank. He wouldn’t have 20 minutes to spare, lest he not be able to park anywhere near his home when the no-parking timeframe is over.

Pay the price for a Tesla and then have to go some where and spend 30 minutes getting an 80 % charge . That makes no sense at all . Just having an expensive vehicle that has to set parked on the street all the time is also some thing I would not do.

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Tesla says they are opening up to other brands, but we will see.

Your friend sounds like they would be better off in terms of stress and money with an occasional rental car or a Lyft or Uber rather owning one used once a week! -IMO, and no one asked me!


There is no question in my mind that he shouldn’t own a car. Between the parking difficulties in his town, and his driving patterns of less than 1,000 miles per year and his habit of changing the oil every 3-4 years :astonished:, slowly but surely he is destroying his car’s engine.

I have given up on trying to give him advice, and he is now on his own in regard to vehicle maintenance.


Well, thanks for trying!

An I know of at least 5 apartment complexes in the Boston/NH area that have charging stations. One guy I work with lives in an apartment without a charging station for his plug-in Hybrid. But at our work complex there are a total of 10 for the 5 different buildings.

Then there are Fast chargers. Can charge a vehicle is about the same amount of time it takes to fill up at a gas station.

A 3 wheel pickup made by a company called Zap, Only for city streets. Replaced by a Kia Niro EV almost 1yr ago.


The car will be 50 years old by the time it reaches 50,000 miles. Does it really matter if the engine was maintained super well? Changing the oil every 4000 miles even if it is 4 years will destroy the engine by 50,000 miles?

That’s completely unrealistic. If it has a tiny 20kW-hr battery, then charging that in 5 minutes would be 240kW. That would max out the electrical service for 5 modern homes with 200 Amp service.


Have an older Prius, 2007 (hybrid) and the “sweet spot” for fuel efficiency on mine, now and since it was new, is 53 mph. The onboard computer can display the current, moment-by-moment MPG. Above 53 mph and drag starts to be a big issue, and by 75 mph, you get down into about 35 MPG efficiency. So speed will get you places faster, but not cleaner or more economically. Of course, one must account for highway safety, and often going as “slow” as 53 mph will mean EVERYONE is passing you on the interstate. Depends on the state, terrain, weather, etc. of course.

We will all be equal when there’s no more money to give away and like here in NV, because of the drought, energy output will be diminished. Power will go up and EV owners will face the reality that EVERYTHING costs money, I go out the door I know I am spending $70+

2.75% of Nevada’s energy comes from hydro-electric, most of the power from Hoover Dam was contracted to California and Arizona many years ago. Solar energy accounts for 6.48%, geothermal 6.30%. Nevada is not reliant on hydro-electric.

Stay indoors.

No, it will be choked with sludge well before that point, and I would be very surprised if his engine survives more than another 3 or 4 years without the need for major repairs.

Who said 5 minutes? I can’t fill a 15 gallon tank in 5 minutes.

Charging Your Tesla | Tesla

I’m still sad the Zap Alias never took off. That was one sweet lookin’ little EV.

When they have as many EV charging stations in my town as they have gas stations now, only then will I consider buying an EV.

There will be a need for charging stations but not like gas stations because most EV owners will have a charger at home or the appartment complex’s will have made some kind of arrangment to handle charging .

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Or even at work.

Only thing holding me back of my next vehicle being an EV is range. Still not where I need it to be. But I firmly believe that the new battery technology will make it possible within 5-10 years.

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The Alias looks good and would make more sense in a larger city.

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Or you give up driving entirely and escape ALL the problems. (Makes as much sense as FoDaddy’s idea.)