What are your thoughts on EV Charging Entitlement Syndrome?

BTW, to put chargers at the back of the parking lot, you would NOT run high current wiring under the parking lot, that would be so expensive due tot he cost of the cable and the cost of the load losses when charging. You would run MV (distribution voltage, typically 7200-19920 VAC) to a large transformer at the back of the lot, then the LV (up to 1200 VAC) to the chargers. Much cheaper to install and to operate.


Yep he is definitely a know it all.


I was watching this. How Miserable Is A Winter Tesla Road Trip? -18°C & Broken Superchargers - YouTube If you go 15 minutes in to the video he has to wiggle the charge connector to get it to start charging.

The Tesla chargers I have seen are all quite far from the store entrance and at a local hospital the chargers (generic) are on the far side of the lot Connecting at a Tesla charger is simple: lift the business end of the charge cable and bring it close to the port, then push the button on the cable and that opens the port. Then you plug it in and walk away. The app will tell you when charging is about over.

Tesla bills you by your card (without you doing anything at the charger). If you stay connected more than a minute past the end of charging they can charge you for sitting there, per minute. Since a charge rarely needs to be more than 25 minutes, and is often less, people are not there long.

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Now that’s Truely a hardship. :joy:


Big box store I go to has EV chargers far from the entrance installed long after the store was built.
Strip malls have them. Suspect they will be very common in the near future.

Watch one video and then declare all Tesla chargers as unreliable . Certain proof of a major problem.


How much does a gas pump cost? Include the gas storage tanks in your calculation.


Not to mention the remediation when the gas tanks leak (and make the site unable to be sold).


Most gas tanks these days are made of some type of a poly. They don’t leak like they use.

I am sure you are correct about the new ones, although I guess I would be worried about damage in a flood or earthquake.

The old ones can be nightmares. I know a man who inherited his father’s very small gas station, where they also did oil changes. For at least 10 years after decommissioning the tanks, gas or oil contamination was detected in the pumped out water. He was unable to sell it and ended up donating it to the town as a tiny park.

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The biggest Tesla charging facility (6 or 8 hookups, I think…) in my area is located at a Panera Bread location. While there are a few parking spaces closer to the building than the spaces taken up by the charging stations, the majority of the parking spaces are further from the building than the spaces for Tesla charging.

On a related topic, it looks to me like Tesla dealerships might not have as much of a vehicle shortage as most other makes. A dis-used parking lot on the perimeter of a shopping mall has–by my estimation–25-30 Teslas of various models sitting there for storage, and that is in addition to about 20 Teslas sitting on the lot at their nearby dealership.

I am sure there are places where they are close to buildings, but I have not noticed them in the Northeast.

I don’t know what is available at dealers, but my neighbor is looking into a Model 3 and said if he orders the Long Range (all wheel drive, 0-60 in 4.2 seconds with 353 mile range) it will be available about March. If he orders the Performance (also all wheel drive but 0-60 in 3.1 seconds! with 315 mile range) it will be available in December. Some of the cars on lots may be awaiting delivery or they could be used, off-lease or loaner cars or in for repairs (although many repairs are done by “rangers” who come to you)-I have no idea. I suppose they would want to sell whatever they have to get cash and not hold any back.

About 30+ years ago I saw a crew remove an old steel gas-tank from a gas-station. When they pulled it up from the ground the bottom 1/3rd of the tank was rusted away and there was a pool of gas laying in the pit.


In one of the more rural parts of my town, a very old gas station had tanks that were probably leaking for many years before the station went out of business. The homes in that part of town use well water, and high levels of toxic MTBE have been detected in wells that are as far as 2 miles from that old station. Until water mains are extended into that area, those local residents have to rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking, and brushing their teeth.

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A gas station near me actually did this. One day an “electric vehicle charging station” sign popped up. I went over to look, and it was a regular 15 amp 110v outlet in a weatherproof box. I mean, I guess I could charge an electric radio controlled car on it but…

They’ve since taken it out, probably tired of being teased about the stupidity.


Just setup a regular meter and charge the chargers (or non-chargers as the case maybe) $5 or $10 per hour charging or not using a credit card already input to the meter. forget for 5 hours and pay the 50 bucks. This will not be a steep learning curve for most.

And many folk live in apartments and condos with no real options. Think infrastructure improvement …

What IS that thing??

My friend lives in a condo in Hoboken, NJ–which is the 2nd or 3rd most densely populated city in The US. He would love to get an EV, but would have no way to charge it from his unit.

There are a couple of charging stations in his town, but once he leaves his parking space on the street, he might not be able to get another space closer than 7 or 8 blocks from his house. No matter how many charging stations are built, an EV is just not practical for him.