What am I looking at? (Damage/Maintenance wise)

I finally got the heads off, and looking at the four chambers, something seems a bit screwy. Can I get some ideas? I’ll post pictures that show what I’m looking at, but it looks to me like I’ve got burnt oil covering everything. I routinely change oil, and commenced this project as a result of overheating caused by a suspected blown head gasket.

These are the pics of the gasket, etc.

That looks like blown head gasket.

#1 cylinder looks like it was being contaminated from the oil galley for the cam shaft, and the fire ring on the head gasket for cylinder #2 looks like it was breached.


What are the chances that i’ve got a cracked head? Also, what is the best way to clean the carbon/oil deposits?

Forget about the deposits. You need to find the condition of the head.

Remove the intake/exhaust manifolds to release any locked in stresses on the head. Take an accurate straight edge and place it on the head mating surface and measure for clearance specifications at different locations using a feeler gauge. If it’s out of spec, it has to go into a machine shop. You’ll find out then if the head is cracked.


Ouch the picture says it all. Go to the machine shop and have them floroscan for cracks. Based on the gasket the head may not be flat at all. I had a problem with ford head bolts in a 1990 model. Basically inconsistent tension and stretch. If the head is flat and not cracked then new bolts really might help.

Will do. Thanks for the advice.

You certainly are paying your dues getting this thing fixed. Most of us have been down roads like this ourselves, and I truly wish you all the best. It’s exhausting and frustrating work, and no one around will understand your joy when you start it back up the first time, but we will.

You’re not in Northeast Tennessee and bored by any chance, are you? All joking aside, I do appreciate the vote of confidence. When (if) it starts up again, I will remember your willingness to help.

Thanks again,