Wet wires

true story

I had an old toyota hilux 4wd

just got the truck and my buddy said lets go 4 Wheeling… about 5 miles into the power lines we came to a big puddle

my buddy said I went though that last week no problem… when the water went up to the windshield the truck stalled…

not starting I put the truck in reverse and cranked the starter the truck came out and still wouldn’t start…now it’s getting dark the bugs are out and about 10 miles to civilization…my buddy was drying the wires no luck…he asks if I have wd 40 -no- looking in the glove box I found some medication I was using because the truck rode very hard and the seat had very little foam and gave me hemorrhoids

I handed him the preparation -H- he coated the wires and we drove away.

You should send that story in to Preperation-H. Maybe they will make a commercial out of it. Almost everyone should carry a tube of it in their glovebox after reading this adventure episode.

There are all manner of home remedies that are purported to work.

An old arthritic woman once told me that, if you place a knife under your bed, it cuts the pain in half. Do you think that there is any truth to that one?


I haven’t heard that one before VDCdriver but remember the stories of razor blades getting sharper when they are placed in a pyramid.

On the other hand,if one has a hemorrhoid problem, I wouldn’t substitute WD-40 for Preparation-H.

That must be why King Tut is always pictured as being clean-shaven.
Those ancient Egyptians really knew how to keep their Super Blue Blades sharp!