400 miles from home and broke down

First off hello, my name name is Jaysen, i have a 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager.

So as a preface, I’ve had some intermittent electrical issues, the wipers all of a sudden started acting odd ,not turning off, the intermittent setting working oddly, or won’t return to the park position.

So as i pull off the highway to day my van just stops running. I was fortunately close to my destination, and was able to get towed by a friend the rest of the way. Now here is the odd part, any time there was a load on the tow strap (attached to the motor mount) it tried to start itself, yes i was in neutral, the speedo would act up (jumping from no reading to 120mph), and the wipers started to go!?!?!

I’ve gt a charger on it wondering if I have some issues due to funky battery voltage, other than that I’m not sure what way to go with this.

Any Input

Bad ground strap/wire from the block to the body? Bad ignition switch? Bad or hanging off wire on one of the battery terminals?

I’m gonna try using a jumper cable to the block to ensure a proper ground.

It does sound like you are seeing funky stuff happening from improper voltage. While you were being towed wasnt a good indicator as you were moving BUT you engine and trans werent moving you…engine not running etc…so the erroneous readings on your dash you got were due to this fact.

The wiper issue sounds like just that a wiper motor assy malfunction. When they start going bad they forget where the home position actually is…usually due to dirty contacts on the rotating assy inside the wiper assy. Happens all the time…either take it off and clean it and all the contacts inside…DIFFICULT if you dont know what you are doing… or just buy a replacement…prob pretty cheap. Then go back and clean your batt terminals and make sure your gounds are clean and greased and tight…

Do all of this, and then also look near your motor mounts or anywhere that the engine is close to anything else that isn’t directly attached to the engine and see if there’s wiring there. Then look closer and see if the insulation is rubbed off where the motor is pinching the wire. That the car’s electrical system changes behavior when you pull on a motor mount tells me that you might (might!) have a bad mount that’s making the engine move around a bit, and that might have rubbed some insulation off of a wire, which is now getting shorted to ground and preventing the electricity from getting to where it needs to be. As you pull on the tow rope, that could be flexing the motor far enough away from the wire that the circuit is again connected.