Wet Wheel/ 06 Tundra

I have leakage on inside of rear wheel OF 06 Toyota Tundra. My guess is the (Slave Cylinder??) i forget what you call it…for the brakes. If so are they easily rebuilt like back in the day?

I guess replaced would probably be my best option?? Hello? Anybody home?

If it is brake fluid, you have a problem. If it differential fluid, you have a problem. You should get this truck into a shop ASAP, get it up in the air on a lift and track the source of the leak. Until you know what is going on you should consider the truck unsafe to drive.

If you knew for sure it is brake fluid the source could be a bad seal in the caliper. These can be rebuilt but most often are replaced. A brake line could be leaking where the rubber line connects to the metal line or it could be something else entirely. Again, get the truck up on a lift for a good look at the source of the leak.

I’m fairly sure it’s a brake problem. I’ll tackle it right here in the driveway. Thanks.

Don’t let the fluid just drain after you disconnect the slave cylinder. (If) your truck has ABS, which it should, that’s asking for problems with the ABS controller. Find something to stop the fluid with. I can normally use a nail (just the very end) and some electrical tape if there’s nothing decent around. It’ll get sticky and nasty, but it’s better than having fluid all over the place, and a messed up ABS unit.

Thats the sort of info i was looking for …Thanks