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Leaking brake fluid?

Recently I took my 2006 Subaru Outback wagon on a trip in the mountains. I parked my car in the driveway overnight and noticed oily fluid on all of the tires
and on the ground in the morning. The fluid spill was worse on the driver’s side front and rear tires, but was noticeable on the passenger side as well. I did not notice an odor to it. I used the brakes alot on the way back down from the mountains… I have taken this car places where I have used the brakes a whole lot but have not noticed this before. How bad is this? Is it possibly "normal?

The first thing to check is the brake master cly. fluid level see if the level has droped, if it has take a good look at the brake at each wheel. I think you mite have over heated the brakes on the car which could have boiled the brake fluid in the system. next time going down a steep grade with an automatic car put the trans in the next lower gear and only use the brakes to help to keep speed under control buy putting lite pressure on the pedal for a count of 5 and let off for a count of 5 and repeat , this helps to keep the brakes cool and you will have them if something or somebody does sothing stupied. if you have a stick car drop down 1 gear. by the way if it is brake fluid and it smells burnt haved new fluid put in and double check the brakes. just be safe and enjoy the drive

I agree with Marc that the fluid is likely to be evidence that the OP severely overheated his brakes, thus causing the fluid to boil.

In addition to now needing to flush and refill the brake hydraulic system, I strongly suggest that the OP have the calipers examined. It is very possible that the calipers are leaking as a result of the boiling brake fluid.

Next time, shift down to a lower gear.
On a really steep downgrade, it is sometimes even appropriate to drop down as far as 2nd gear.

So, here is the thing…I DID shift to a lower gear for most of the downhill part. This car is an automatic, but it has a “sports gear” capability where you can sort of operate it as a manual. Maybe I just didn’t use it enough. I did get behind a slower car. I was in second gear for a lot of the drive, but perhaps not enough of it.
Big Marc–I will check the brake fluid before I drive it. Thanks for advice. Brake fluid does not smell burnt. Boiling brake fluid…who knew? I will have my guys check them out if I notice any problems.
Thanks, guys!!

If the brake fluid is the original, it’s more subject to boiling than fresh fluid would be, so I too would suspect boiling.

As VDC already implied, boiling fluid can also do damage to the elastomers in the system, so you want to get it checked out well. And, again as VDC said, the system should be flushed with freh fluid once it’s confirmed that there’re no leaks…or any leaks are corrected.

Most people aren’t aware of it, but the brake system should be periodically flushed with fresh fluid. I like every 5 years. Others do it more often.

Thanks–I realized that VDC was right and that I needed to get the brakes serviced–taking it in tomorrow.
My guys are gonna flush system and check for damage to calipers.