Mildew smell

My 2002 Honda Odyssey smells like mildew around the front windows. The dealer has replaced the window stripping or wahtever it’s called. The cabin filter was just replaced. The car still stinks during the Summer. It has never been left outside with the windows down in the rain. Any ideas?

It sounds like the A/C drain is clogged or there are leaves etc. in the air intake vents that are right in front of the windscreen.

The first thing we need to know is does this smell become stronger with the AC on or off? By off, in the off position not jus with the blower at the lowest setting.

Thanks, I will check that.

It is the same. The worst place to smell it is at the front windows with them down.

Maybe the drain holes in the doors are blocked. There are usually holes in the bottom since there is no way to keep all the water out with a seal at the window slot in the door.