Were the Camry's struts the problem?

I bought a 1998 Camry 4-cylinder XLC about 1.5 years ago. I got it from a manager at a local repair shop franchise. He had replaced the breaks, rotors/drums, motor mounts and tires along with a few other things. The car was a one owner when he got it as a flip. It came with a full detail of all work done on it, even gas the first owner did. Yes, it was a notebook. I would take it back to him for any service and about 6 months ago I replaced the rack and pinon. No issues the car ran fine. It has always had a dragging issue, low to the ground, so this week I asked how to fix it, and he suggested new strut assemblies. So, we did that, only paid his cost on parts, good quality units. The car sat much higher and the ride was smoother. But there was a very bad pull to the right. They had done an adjustment, but put it back up and checked it again, still the same. Tires were the next thought, so I got new tires, they were needing replacement in my option anyway, but still had good tread. Same issue, but a little better. I will say the car rode better and stopped better with the tires. So, they suggested a new right axle, I said replace them both since I’m not paying labor, again at cost. Same issue. Tire air pressure is good, re-alignment is right on. So, the only explanation is Torque Steer. Yet I had not had the issue before the new struts, it was explained that since the struts were weak before there was some compensation in the torque caused by the weak struts. Now the car is back to factory specs and here comes the issue, supposedly inherent in some of these models.
How to get rid of issue?

Torque steer will only be felt when accelerating. If it pulls to the right when at at a steady speed or coasting, it is something else.

Front wheel alignment or 4 wheel alignment ?

All 4 wheels done, each time they changed something.

I need to retest it to confirm, but I want to say only when accelerating.

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