Went to tint my windows, the guy at the shop left a scratch on my car

I recently bought a Honda Accord sport 2017 of the Honda dealership. Went in for a window tinting to one of the local shops around my house .once the car was ready I checked out the car I noticed there was a deep scratch that went all the way to the metal. Right on the trunk and when I showed it to the guy that was working on it he Said he can fix it so he game with a can of paint and tried to paint the scratch but it almost looked as if someone used nail polish. It looked horrible, eventually I talked to the owner of the shop and after a couple of back and forth with them saying “what do you want us to do about it” the owner offered to paint the trunk. To be honest my biggest worry would be that the paint doesn’t match. Am I better off leaving it like that or taking the offer ? note the first guy I spoke to was getting a bit aggressive so I’m not sure if I should even trust them. i know it might not be the biggest scratch but the car is no more then 4 days old and I don’t feel like letting it get mistreated just yet

I don’t really have much to contribute here, besides to document as much as you can. Write down names, times, dollars, the scope of the original work… and if they offer to fix anything, get a warranty on the repair work.

I’m not very experienced with this sort of thing but those seem like good steps to take.

Be diplomatic!

I wish you the best.

Depends on who’s actually doing the paint. We used a local shop on the Blizzard Pearl Toyota Prius a few years ago and they spent the time blending the new paint with the old and 3yrs in i can’t see any difference between the shop’s work and the factory paint.

My 2 cars are a 2009 and 2012. Both have lots of minor dings and scratches, but both of them are well maintained and reliable.

I can understand being upset about somebody else scratching your car. But it’s a 2017. This is probably not the first ding or scratch you have.

Personally I’d move on, but that’s just me. There are other things in life to worry about.

Get the genicolor premium touch-up pen.Color and clearcoat are premixed for a perfect touch- up. genicolor.com

Let a shop paint the trunk lid. It will match and the match will last. Accept the respray and don’t worry.


Seems to me that offering to paint the trunk is a very decent offer and you should take it with no complaint.

I do have one question. What do you mean the car is not more than 4 days old? Does this mean you just bought a used car? If so, is it possible that in the excitement of buying the car the scratch may have been overlooked and there to begin with?

I say this because as a mechanic I’ve run across way more obvious things that were overlooked during car purchases.


Yes I forgot to mentioned it is CPO 4 days new to me. But the car didn’t have a single scratch when I bought it to them I even asked them to take care of it for the same reason

It didn’t have a single scratch because they were all taken care of when they detailed the car. I traded a near perfect paint four year old car with wet shine and still they found imperfections to take care of. Just sayin’ but let a body shop fill the scratch in. The dealer has matching touch up paint in stock but the skill is in filling in the scratch and clearing over it so that the scratch is level with the surrounding paint. They may even need to sand and polish but personally I would like to have the whole trunk re-painted which never seems to equal factory paint. But let a body shop do it one way or the other not a window tinting shop.

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I’d rather try touching up something that small first. If it didn’t work, then paint the trunk, but I’d rather look at a small touchup than a mis-matched trunk, no matter how slight.

This is what the guy tried to do before I spoke to the boss

So I There a body shop / tinting / mechanic but regardless I do feel that you are right and I would rather have a reputable body shop take care of it instead