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Well, thems weren't tamaters

I was driving home yesterday when I suddenly noticed one of those flat boxes that fruit and vegetables are usually shipped in in the road. There were a bunch of round things around it that looked like those small tomatoes. A car was coming at me and I didn’t see it in time to stop for it. It sounded like tomatoes as the tires rolled over them.

This morning, I found 32 house wrap nails with those orange disks around the head embedded in my new right front tire. Good thing I had the hazard warranty.

It shows just how good modern tubeless tires are, that you got home and found those nails the next day. Amazing really.

Who would do such a thing and why?

Probably fell of a construction truck.

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Thats my guess too.

I always get the hazard warranty too, always worth it in my opinion

Never buy it…in 50 years of driving, never needed it.


Could be a lot worse.
Some years back a colleague was driving with his wife in his new Honda S2000 through Boston when a construction truck in front of his suddenly lost his load… of concrete blocks. They spread all over the road and damaged numerous vehicles. He drove right over them (no time to respond) and it tore up the underside of his new S2000.

Unfortunately, construction crews sometimes get tired and complacent and don’t always secure their loads the way they should. Sometimes stuff just happens.

As regards the hazard damage insurance, I never get it. I figure I would have spent far, far more over the years on the hazard warranty than I’ve spent on road damage to my tires.

I’m sure a lot of people the next morning woke up to flat tires due to those roofing nails being scattered all over the place.

Many years ago I was on my BMW motorcycle north of OK City on I-35 and was tailing a semi which was speeding a bit. I was in trail a hundred yards or so behind him.
Suddenly I start seeing something on the roadway and thought WTH? Too late I discovered a few bands which were holding pallets of bricks together and the truck was shedding bricks…

I cringed and started swerving all over trying to miss them. Per the usual I missed all but the last one which I hit square at about 65 MPH. The bike jumped up into the air and I thought it was all over. Luckily (and not due to riding skill…) I managed to coax the shaking bike over to the shoulder. I could see a lump on the side of the wheel about the size of m fist.
That turned out to be the inner tube ballooned out where the wheel rim was pushed back about 4 or 5 inches.

I let most of the air out and road it slowly 5 miles on the shoulder until I reached a gas station at an exit. I let all the air out then and managed to shove the tube back somewhat. A borrowed hammer pounded the rim back out (sort of) and the bike was somewhat rideable once I inflated it again although it was shaking fairly bad. It made the 150 miles back home anyway. The BMW dealer was all too happy to obtain my money for a new rim and spokes.

Glad to hear it, hasn’t been the case for me. I live in PA, so between construction and already poor quality roads combined with living in a heavy farming area = low quality roads rife with things that like to destroy tires :sunglasses:

Update, started out to church this morning and the TPMS light came on. The left front tire is low and I see one nail in it, it the shoulder area but about an inch in from the edge, but a half inch outside the first groove.

Sounds like you “nailed” the problem.
Sorry. Couldn’t resist. :grin:

See if a shop will fix it (it’s close). If not, plug it yourself.

With the road hazard warranty the tire will be replaced if the puncture is outside of the tread groves. The outer tread block near the sidewall is not repairable by industry standards.

The tire was replaced, it had two nails in it.