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Well i was considering a VW til i read that article...what now?

hello i was considering getting a VW passat with the diesel motor but after reading an article from another post im very reluctant on it are there other cars that come close to it (besides BMW and other highranked cars)?

Read the other post on this forum, and draw your own conclusions. You will get arguments pro and con, mostly con, I believe. The Internet article is not the whole story.

When you say “come close to it” are you referring to level of reliability or the performance?

Close to it in what aspect? They all come close to it in parking lots.

Stop by the local bookstore and pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Preview. Taht’ll give you the most comprehensive comparisons. It’s well worth the $10.

Agree; the statistics go back 8 years, so you can get a good idea how well various cars age. When new or one year old, there is very little difference. Red balls are good, black balls are bad.

basiocally close in comfort and smooth ride. my current car i always worry its going to flip when it turns because it leans way to much (2001 kia sportage)

Almost any car holds the road better than a Kia Sportage. The most fun to drive hatchback is(zoom zoom) the Mazda 3; it is often called a poor man’s BMW 3 series. The HondaFit is a small hatchback with great handling and a low center of gravity.

IF you’re looking at a crossover type vehicle, the Mazda cx-7 is one to consider. New ones offer a normal 2.5L I4 and a 2.3L turbo 4cyl., used ones are only turbo and the 07s have been known to have some issues.
If you’re looking for hatchback, the Mazda 3 is a good choice as well. Since Mazda doesn’t share the same market as the other Japanese brands(Honda, Toyota, etc), they kinda fall into the American brands in terms of resale value

MB E320 CDI – look for a nice low-mileage one owner car.