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Welcome to the New Car Talk Community!

We've now completed the migration to our new home. During the coming days and weeks, we'll be addressing those inevitable, niggling issues that occur with the move to a new residence. In the case of the community, that means getting URL redirects in place, fixing broken links within discussions, learning new moderation tools, figuring out user profiles, new features and other functionality. It'll take time for all of us to get used to this new home.

For those of you who were wondering, "Why the change?" The simple answer is, our former discussion forums were being discontinued and were no longer supported after today. We reviewed all your many comments, and did our best to find the right discussion application to meet our Car Talk Community needs.

Feel free to share your comments here. All we ask is that you give the few of us light-starved lackeys your patience. As always, there are just a few of us here -- and we have the full Car Talk site to manage, update, and generally keep alive and thriving. As time, our abilities and the functionality of the new forums allow, we'll do our very best to address any outstanding issues.

Our Czarina for all things Car Talk Community, Carolyn, will be updating this discussion thread from time to time.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

I don’t suppose there’s a “view new topics/posts” and/or “mark forums read” .button, is there? haven’t really browsed around yet, so if it’s been asked in other threads…