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Weirdest thing about my 96 Altima

I have a 96 Nissan Altima with 160k. I drove the car to a grocery store last night. When I tried to come back, I could not get the car started. The battery and starter are new, and the engine turned well, it just did not start up. I called my friend for help. Before we left, I decided to give it a last try. The car started right up.

I did notice that the coolant temperature gauge was fluctuating a little bit before I got to the grocery store.

Anyone can tell me what is wrong with my car? I’ll take the car to a long trip, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

There’s way too litttle info here to suggest anything specific, however I’m betting that you’re losing spark. This is a classic symptom of a failing, heat sensitive coil, and your car is about the right age for that.

Start by checking for stored dault codes. Then if that turns up nothing start looking at the ignition system.

See the post, "A non-starter. If you can’t find that post, go to Search, in Keyword, put the post title.