Weird title history

When I bought my car I didn’t dig how honest the seller was about his ownership length. He said he is the first owner pretty much because that car was a lease car and I think he bought it? He said he had the car for 10 years.

So what does this title history report say I am kind of confused. My old car only showed the years for the change of title ownership so for some reason lease cars or whatever reason does show title history like this maybe it is normal? or was he lying? Maybe he had the car on lease for years then bought it? I have no idea what to think about it. Help much appreciated.

The first 2 are likely rhe dealer to the leasing company. The next 2 are from the leasing company to the owner’s bank. When the loan was paid off the title went bank to owner. The owner to you. There may have been a second financing in there as well.

Or the seller lied to you.

Still in one month in Oct. 2015 to Nov. 2015 it went from 42,000 to 81,000. How could that be? Is this a Carfax report or something?

1 Like it is free so idk

The mileage repeats a few years later several times, perhaps half of the records are not real. This is a screen shot so we can’t click for details. There should be a record of emissions testing every other year, it seems that this history record is very incomplete. After 13 years is it important if the car was leased?

The first pair could be lease initiation, the second pair lease termination and sale to the lessee, and the last pair may have been a change in registration of some sort. It may also be that this person is the second or third owner. Ther isn’t enough information in the vin check data to know for sure. Ask the current owner to explain it.

It’s water under the bridge, right? Did you have an inspection done?

Yeah. I was just curious about it afterwards, doesn’t really matter because I got the car inspected and everything was good no problems. Even brand new shocks all around and brakes owner didn’t even tell me about which was a nice surprise. Guy was pretty rich he bought a Porsche as upgrade so I assumed he didn’t care much about up selling the car, price was fair with new tires he put on and he talked about it.