Weird noise like wheel hub bearing

Hi, I have an 05 Toyota Corolla I have replaced both wheel hub bearings at a shop tho I got the parleys from rock auto. Replaced the sway bar on the right side, I noticed a blown axle boot on the driver side. Now the problem I’m hearing is when I’m driving I hear a wah wah sound but when I made a turn earlier it was really loud , I just had these bearings done. And I’m wondering if driving on that bad bearing for as long as I did ruined the axle and that’s what’s cause the noise? But honestly Idk I was looking for some opinions

What you describe sounds like a bad CV joint on one axle.

Just curious…what is a “parleys”

It has this weird wah wah sound when driving gets louder when I turn super loud no grind tho I don’t really hear clicking

Ment parts

Why not have a mechanic drive the car and give his opinion?

Imma go get inspected I’m trying to set up an appointment to do to so, I’ve just spent a lot of money into this car and I’ve only had 2 months so I’m really behind on bills because of it. It’s why I was hoping for a free evaluation or good insight to hopefully solve my issue