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Weird noise from the engine

I have a 2008 Toyota Rav4 basic model. So last week I took the car to Toyota dealer for engine rebuild because they told me the warranty is about to expire and they would rebuild the engine at no cost. Then later during the job, they said something the coolant part was leaking and asked for $300 to replace it. So I did.

After getting back the car, as soon as I turned on the car. I could hear the knocking noise or metal grinding noise or whatever you call it. It never happened before they did the engine rebuild. So i asked the dealer what that noise was. The lady said it could be the parts are still new. She told me to give it a couple days. It’s been 3 days. Every time i turn on the car or accelerate, i can hear this sound. Please see the video. Any one familiar with that noise? thanks.

Also, i just notice when i remove the key after driving, the key is very hot. Is it normal? i don’t remember it happened before. Could it be because of the new battery because i also replaced the battery when they did the engine rebuild.

Sorry, no dealer would do this! it costs many thousands of dollars. There must be other factors involved.

“it could be the parts are still new”. This is also total BS. Someone is taking total advantage of you. You need to contact a lawyer, or contact Toyota US headquarters. The phone number should be in your owner’s manual.

I agree…the dealership’s mechanic forgot to tighten something…that is not a normal sound at all.

With a newly rebuilt engine you should not hear ANY odd noises.
Granter parts are new and they have closer tolerances, but you would not hear anything out of normal.

Document everything and be sure to get this diagnosed ASAP.

As for the “hot key” …the only thing that would cause this is a short in the ignition switch or the wiring.


Search these forums for “hot key”, I seem to recall we’ve had posts about that topic here before. I forget what the cause was though. It’s possible that’s normal and you just hadn’t noticed it before too.

There shouldn’t be any easily heard grinding or knocking noise of course, so you’ll have to return the car to the shop and have them figure it out. It could be something simple, like a pulley isn’t aligned, or it might not be something simple. But that’s their problem b/c they were the ones who did the job for you. Since it was done under warranty worse case it will have to be done again and you won’t have the car to drive for a while. I’m surprised they’d rebuild the engine rather than replacing it with a used engine. Are you sure they rebuilt it?

I can’t tell from the noise but I would not rely on what the lady at the service desk said. At least you want a mechanic to listen to it. Start up a new car. Do you hear any noise? No, and all the parts are new. I had a guy go over the top end of my engine once and a couple days later it wouldn’t start. After towing it, they found the gear for the camshaft laying in the bottom. The guy forgot to tighten it. Of course he denied it and only cost me $70, but if there is a noise something is not right, and dealer shops are not the same as the factory.

If I had to venture a guess I’d say there were maybe 1000-2000 critical steps to do a complete engine removal, rebuild, and install, so it wouldn’t be that unusual to discover one of the steps hadn’t been completed. It’s more likely it is something simple and relatively easy to correct.

There is something loose, take the vehicle back and get it fixed.

The lady should have had the technician listen to it. If this was over the phone, that’s the problem, this can’t be judged over the phone.

By the way, there is a warranty extension on these vehicles to replace the pistons and rings to correct an oil consumption problem. Did your vehicle fail the oil consumption test? Soliciting or promoting these these warranty repairs by dealers is not allowed.